how it works
your dashboard

What Does It Do?

Your Dashboard

Think of your Dashboard as your in house command center for safety training. The Dashboard quickly allows you to navigate through adding or editing employees in the system, delivering training to your employees, tracking completion status and viewing record keeping at anytime.

Build Your Library

Video Library

Every week you receive a new safety video podcast in your Video Library and your library builds over time. Past videos are always available, meaning you can always go back and train employees on any topic when needed. Once the new video for the week has been posted, your company designated Administrator(s) are notified by an e-mail that invites them to preview the new video inside the Portal.

Staying OSHA Compliant With Stored Records

Stored Records

No matter how much you train, if you don’t have the training records and documentation to back it up, it never happened.  Your training records are accessible at anytime with training rosters that are housed inside the portal. In addition to the training rosters that are available at anytime, you can also view training records and training status for employees at the individual level.

Have Your Own Training Videos?

Custom Uploads

The innovative Video Upload feature allows you to upload and train on your company specific or in house requirements with the same tracking and record keeping capabilities as our podcasts.