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How To Do A Direct Delivery

Direct Delivery

Direct Delivery gives you the power to efficiently train your employees at the individual level through e-mail. To start a Direct Delivery training, navigate to your “Video Library” on the left hand side of your dashboard. From there, find the topic you wish to train on and click “Start Training”. Choose “Direct Delivery” as your session type.

How To Do A Group Training

Group Training

Our “Group Training” feature allows you to train employees in group training session. This feature is a great way to train many employees in a single session using a laptop, smart tv, or other means without the hassle of printing rosters, passing around sign in sheets and scanning/uploading documents.

How Trainings Are Tracked

Track & Document Automatically

When employees view a training session in full, they are automatically populated to a digital training record that lists the training topic, what was covered during the training, the employee names and the date/time training took place. All the information OSHA will look for regarding a training session is listed on each roster.

Stored Records

Record Keeping

Record keeping is a huge component of any safety training program and 5 Minute Mondays simplifies the process. If you don’t have the training records and documentation to back it up, it never happened. Your training records are accessible at anytime with training rosters that are housed inside the portal.