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We are well aware of all the online safety training platforms out there

Simply put — 5 Minute Mondays is a better, more efficient way for you to train your employees. Our 40+ years of industry experience have allowed us to remove the challenges typically associated with weekly training.

  • Weekly OSHA compliant training.
  • Automatic tracking software for accurate record keeping.
  • Personal video library to build training history.
Record keeping

Join us to experience the ease of OSHA compliant training and record keeping.

No Usernames and Passwords

Each week a new Podcast is delivered directly to your client portal where you can quickly and easily train your employees without the hassle of usernames, passwords or downloads.

Direct Delivery or Group Training

Train employees at the individual level through e-mail utilizing Direct Delivery or train a group of employees using our Group Training feature.

OSHA Compliant

With 40+ years in the industry, rest assured your weekly safety training will always be relevant and OSHA Compliant.

Employee Tracking

Train anytime, anywhere, easily track employee training progress in real time. Accountability has never been this easy!

Custom Upload

In addition to the weekly video podcasts you receive, you can have the ability to upload your own company specific video trainings with the same tracking and record keeping capabilities of our podcasts.


5 Minute Mondays is on the cutting edge of training technology.  We removed all the roadblocks that make delivering consistent safety training a challenge. Here are just some of the features you get with 5 Minute Mondays that you won’t find anywhere else:

Tracking Technology

Rest easy knowing that all training is automatically recorded and housed in the client portal. Real time tracking and completion status is always accessible, so you never have to wonder who is or is not completing weekly safety training.

Record Generating

Once a user has completed viewing a weekly video podcast in its entirety, they are automatically populated to a training roster listing the training topic covered, date and time of training, as well as the First and Last Name of the trainees. OSHA compliant record keeping has never been so easy.

Training Library

Our training library is a game changer that builds over time. Have a new hire that needs step ladder training? Have them view one of the previously uploaded trainings from your video library. 

Custom Upload

Have your own new hire orientation or company video? Or have a new policy? Our Custom Upload is a powerful feature that gives you the ability to train and track.


See below for just some of the companies using 5 Minute Mondays each week to train their employees. Reduce your risk and protect your company just like these organizations.

Historically, keeping a schedule in regard to safety training has been a challenge. That has changed since we began using 5 Minute Mondays. I can now easily get my employees trained every week on safety topics through the Video Podcasts.

Geoff Emory

Ceo & Quality Conveyor Solutions

We utilize the direct delivery and the group training, and our employees have come to rely on them for our weekly safety meetings. 5 Minute Mondays is an invaluable resource that has helped us change our safety culture.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We're always here to help but this might also!

  • The Administrator sets the company profile and inputs employees into the system using the "Import Student Data" section. ‍ Each week, your company Administrator receives an e-mail notification for the new video safety talk being posted inside the Portal. From there, the Administrator logs into the Client Portal to view/send out the weekly video safety talk to selected employees. The Administrator has two options for getting employees trained, "Direct Delivery" (video safety talks sent to individual employee email addresses) and "Group Training" (video safety talk is played for a group of employees). 

  • Video safety talks are uploaded every week in your client portal. Your companies Administrator receives an email notification whenever a new video safety talk is posted inside the Client Portal.

  • ‍Your company designated Administrator(s) are the only people that will have a username and password. The recipients of the video safety talks will not need a username or password to receive and view the training videos.

  • ‍Your employee's First and Last Name is mapped to their e-mail address. When an employee watches a video safety talk e-mail that is sent to their e-mail address listed in the portal, a training record is generated listing the training topic covered in the video, what is covered in the video, the employee's name and date of training. The training record is automatically generated after the video safety talk has been watched in full. If an employee does not watch the entire video safety talk, they will not be recorded as having been trained on that particular topic.

  • Your administrator is able to facilitate group training sessions by selecting "Group Training". When selecting "Group Training" for a particular video, the administrator selects which employees are present for a group training session delivered via TV, computer, projector, tablet or even Zoom. When the administrator selects individuals for the group training, the individuals selected are populated and recorded on a training roster with the topic listed and the date of training. The administrator certifies that the employees selected are present for the group training session.



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